Held at the spectacular Sanctum Retreat Center, the Canadian International Summer Harp Institute provides a unique place for harpists of all ages and levels to immerse themselves in a week of intensive training on their instrument with world-renowned teachers and to enjoy the camaraderie of similarly motivated students.

Now in its 10th year, CISHI has quickly gained a reputation for its high quality of instruction, individually-tailored programming, fun, supportive and spontaneous atmosphere. Because all participants and faculty reside at Sanctum, enjoying fabulous healthy meals and off-schedule moments from exploring the 160-acre grounds to fireside singalongs and spontaneous jam sessions or a quiet chat in the Chapel, CISHI provides a rare opportunity to share life experiences and get to know each other on an intimate level. Students and faculty alike come for the course and return for the community!

2021 Update

As you can imagine, these past few months have been a time of waiting, wondering and discernment regarding the possibilities for 2021. We have had dates at Sanctum on hold in order to give us time to make the right decision. With everything taken into consideration, we have finally made the difficult decision not to offer CISHI 2021 in any format. You will surely know that this was not a choice made easily. CISHI has become such a special and unique community and we would have loved to have us all together again at Sanctum. Because that is such an integral part of the CISHI experience, we have also decided not to offer an online programme. Although response to the 2020 version was very positive, we feel that CISHI’s truly unique offering is most richly experienced when we are together at the beautiful Sanctum Retreat Centre, able to share throughout the whole week, both in our planned activities as well as in the many spontaneous moments that create such a strong and enduring community. For this year, these is just too much still up in the air for us to be able to plan a Live session with any certainty, so instead we will wait patiently – covid is certainly giving us ample opportunity to practice that – and we will do our best to keep close in other ways.

As many of you are past CISHI attendees, we know that most of you already have each other’s email addresses and we encourage you to stay connected that way. We are also going to do more fun posts on social media and we’d be really happy if you would share great music, memes, thoughts, questions and ideas with us either by email or on Facebook.

Having chatted among the faculty, we would love to have an informal online social get-together on a Sunday in February, likely the 21st. We’ll send out details to those who would like more info so please let us know if you’re interested.